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How to schedule an appointment at the IWC:

1. IWC사이트에  접속

2. 화면오른쪽  예약하기  클릭

3. NOTE: 처음 사용하는 학생은 계정등록을 해야 합니다. (이메일주소, 학번 입력을 빠짐없이 해주세요)

 4. 계정 등록후에 예약화면  이용

 5. 첨삭지도 예약 - 희망하는 시간대를 클릭(파란색은 이미 예약됨)

 6. 예약한 후에는 등록된 이메일로 안내문이 발송됨

예약은 2시간전에는 취소가 가능하며, 세차례이상 예약 이용하지 않는 경우에는 이후 한달간 이용이 불가능합니다.

1. Go to our webpage at iwc.knu.ac.kr.

2. Click To schedule an appointment

3. NOTE: If you have not made an appointment at the IWC before, you will have to set up an account first. Just select the "Click here to register" option and follow the instructions provided 

(Remember to provide your real email address and real student number)

4. Once you have an account you can open the appointment schedule

5. To schedule a tutorial session, click on the timeslot you want (white slots are available for booking, blue timeslots have already been reserved)

6. Once you have made an appointment, you will be automatically sent an email to confirm your booking.

NOTE: You can cancel the appointment any time up to two hours before the scheduled time.

Missed appointments (no-shows) are recorded by the system. After three missed appointments the system will automatically block your account from making further appointments for one month.


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