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IWC ˇ°My Courseˇ± Writing Development Programs

My Course is a non-credit, self-paced writing development program consisting of two general tracks: My Course Process Approach to basic essay writing; and My Course Academic, focusing on basic academic/research writing.

My Course programs follow very specific procedures designed to help students develop their English composition writing skills and to track and record their progress.

My Course ˇ°Process Approachˇ± utilizes a developmental approach to basic essay writing.

Students begin by writing a diagnostic test to identify areas of their writing skills that need development. This helps to individualize the program by identifying specific areas of writing each student needs to improve.

Students then complete one essay over a series of stages and modules focusing on various aspects of English composition writing and essay development with the help of an IWC writing instructor

Once all requirements have been completed, students are asked to write a follow-up writing task to demonstrate their improved writing abilities.

My Course Academic focuses on basic academic/research writing.

The program is designed for students who have scored higher than 85 points on their diagnostic test; or have successfully completed My Course Process Approach. The program combines self-study tasks with a single academic writing project.

The self-study tasks focus on various aspects of basic academic essay writing, namely

  • Academic Style & Format
  • Research Materials Selection
  • Incorporating Source Materials into Essays
  • Introduction to Referencing & Citation

Materials for these tasks are designed to prepare students for their writing project, a short, academic style, research paper.

The writing project is divided into four stages (three writing stages plus a final assessment stage). Each stage has its own set of writing objectives and tasks which must be accomplished before a ˇ°Completion Stampˇ± is given allowing the student to move on to the next stage.

In the final stage students submit their work for final approval. They do this by sending their final draft to the IWC program coordinator. The coordinator reviews the work, and, if necessary, offers feedback and revision notes to the student. Once all requirements have been met, the student can receive their final completion stamp.

For more information about My Course Programs or other IWC services, contact the IWC Program Coordinator at knu.iwc@gmail.com; or visit the International Writing Center: 2nd Floor, Student Services Building (Old Campus Map: A2; New Campus Map: 60)

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