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KNU International Writing Center
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the International Writing Center?
Our Writing Center is located in the Global Lounge which is next to the Student Services Office
(the building opposite to the library). Click here to see map(insert link)

2. How much does it cost?

All IWC services are 100% free.

3. Is it a writing course?

No, it is not. However, we do offer regular seminars on topics related to writing, as well as specialized courses for students who want to practice or improve their English academic and professional writing skills.

4. Will you fix my mistakes?

We don¡¯t actually ¡°fix¡± mistakes in students¡¯ writing. Nonetheless, we will provide feedback to help you identify and correct your own mistakes as you continue to develop your writing skills.

5. How can I make an appointment?
To make an online reservation, go to the appointments tab on our homepage and follow the instructions. If you are having trouble setting up an appointment, you can call us at:950-7444 or visit our Center and we can help.

6. What do I have to bring to my appointment?
Please bring a hardcopy of whatever you¡¯re working on. If it is a second or third draft, bring your previous work with the feedback.

7. What else does the center do?
Aside from helping students through one-on-one appointments and workshops, we also help the University by providing ¡°final editing¡± services upon request for all KNU official publications:
    ¢Á Promotional materials such as brochures, handbooks, flyers, etc.
    ¢Á University and departmental websites
    ¢Á Administrative procedures
    ¢Á Departmental correspondence
    ¢Á International Correspondence

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