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KNU International Writing Center
Mission Statement

The KNU International Writing Center (IWC) was established in September, 2009 to meet the academic writing needs of all KNU students. It aims to do this though individual tutorials; seminars; materials designed to advance the writing abilities of our learners; and specialized programs combining all of the components listed above. Our main goal in this regard is to increase student autonomy and help them develop the skills needed to be independent and highly competent writers and learners. In so doing we aim to enhance their international competitiveness as they apply for foreign study programs, internships, and professional positions overseas.

In addition, the IWC aims to protect and enhance the international image of Kyungpook National University by providing ¡°final edit¡± services for all official KNU publications, such as promotional materials, brochures, and handbooks; university and departmental websites; administrative procedures and strategic level correspondence. Furthermore, the IWC aims to develop the University¡¯s reputation as a center for international academic research through a long-term project to create a corpus of ¡°English Written by Koreans¡±, in addition to case study files tracking the individual development of writing among students.

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