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IWC Writing Standards

Writing essays for the IWC Writing Roadmap requires students to follow a set of standards to complete the program.

Microsoft Word

All writing submitted to tutors for the feedback MUST be written with Microsoft Word. DO NOT use Hangul.
When formatting your essay, please follow these guidelines:

Format Essentials

Page Margins

  • Page margins (the space at the top, bottom and sides of a page) are typically set to 1inch (2.54cm). This is the default ("Normal") setting in MS Word.
  • The bottom margin may increase when using footnotes(often used in research papers with references).

Paragraph Format

  • Essays often use paragraph indentation as a structural format, i.e the first line of each paragraph begins one tab stop (usually 5-7 spaces) from the left margin, indicating the start of the paragraph.
  • Other formats are passible. For more information, refer to the IWC Quick Guides.

Paragraph Length

  • While there is no set rule, 100 to 200 words in six or seven sentences is a typical target length for individual paragraphs. However, if a paragraph contains enough information to clearly explain the topic, it should be fine. It is up to the writer to decide appropriate length

Line Spacing

  • Traditionally, double-spaced essays are the most accepted style. This makes reading easier and provides space for the tutor to offer feedback and notes.

Font Style

  • Most academic writing requires the use of Times New Roman, though there is some flexibility as long as the font is readable.
  • The standard font size for academic or basic essay writing is 12. Unless required, black is the preferred color.

Print Your Work

When bringing your work to the IWC, you MUST print your work. The IWC is NOT a printing center so please print at home or on campus, such as the Library.