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Writing Roadmap

Talk Now & Writing Roadmap

The TalkNow! Program is a non-credit speaking course for Korean students participating in the exchange program through the Office of International Affairs. The course is 5 30-minute meetings designed to give students opportunities to express themselves more clearly about their opinions and practice for an interview. These meetings are with trained English-speaking tutors, who offer constructive feedback to help students gain confidence for their exchange programs.

The Writing Roadmap is a non-credit, self-paced essay writing program to guide students toward better basic university-level writing skills.

Using a step-by-step approach in combination with an online course and workbook, students receive feedback and facilitation from trained tutors in developing the necessary skills needed to write a complete essay.

The Writing Roadmap begins with a writing diagnostic to assess student levels and identify strengths and weaknesses. These are divided into three specific areas, including Essay Planning, Essay Structure, and Proofreading, each focusing on a number of elements to help tutors better target their feedback.

Students then begin the learning process, working with tutors over a period of several appointments that build toward a completed essay. These appointments instruct students on topic selection, thesis development, supporting information, and a conclusion among other essentials for writing a complete essay. Once all the requirements are met, students demonstrate their improved skills with a final essay.

To learn more about the Writing Roadmap or other services provided by the IWC, contact the Program Director at or visit the IWC.

Write Track Program

The Write Track Program is a non-credit course for any student at KNU with a valid student number. Students make a minimum of 5 meetings with an IWC tutor and learn to write a descriptive 4-paragraph essay. There are no tests. Students receive feedback and are guided through a writing process while improving their communication skills. Students receive an official Certificate of Completion.